Smalle’s Intern is a finalist in the Technician of the year award from IET

2018-08-14T08:33:57+00:00 October 14th, 2015|

Roberto Weiser worked as an intern in Smalle Technologies in the time frame from March to July 2015. The internship is a required part to complete the Master in Renewable Energy and Energy Sustainability taught at the University of Barcelona.

Roberto applied for the “Technician of the Year Award”. This award aims to assess the professional activity of the participant and evaluate their contribution as an engineer from several points of view. In September, Roberto was nominated as a finalist for his work and contribution in Smalle Technologies and currently he is waiting for the results in November of this year.

During his time with Smalle, Roberto worked in different projects. The development of an electromechanical simulator to test the new prototype generator eForcis was his biggest achievement. Furthermore, he worked in an eco-audit for the generator eForcis to determine its environmental impact, and in research and implementation of a maximum power point tracking system for permanent magnet generators, a combination of the final project work for his master and a research for the company.

Roberto currently works as a Technical Support Engineer for SunEdison in the photovoltaic sector with the perspective to obtain a position as an electrical design engineer in the sector of renewable energies.

Smalle Technologies wishes him the best for his professional life and in the “Technician of the Year Award”.