Smalle Technologies, honorable mention in the Startup OLÉ 2016

2018-08-14T08:31:07+00:00 September 9th, 2016|

Smalle Technologies attended the Startup Olé 2016 event, held in Salamanca on September 7th-8th. The event was an occasion to connect 100 selected tech companies, focused on innovation, with corporates, investors, accelerators, universities and media from all over Europe.

Smalle was present at one of the exhibition booths during the event, showing its technology to the visitors. More than 150 collaborating entities and 100 speakers took part in the event, and more than 1000 people, from 54 countries, attended the conference.

Moreover, Smalle Technologies was one of the 30 startups selected to participate in the official pitch competition, which consist in the presentation of the project in a form of 3 minute speech. Smalle was awarded with one of the honor mentions