Smalle Technologies on the IALA

2018-08-14T09:08:37+00:00 July 1st, 2014|

Smalle Technologies is presented at the world’s foremost conference on maritime safety. The IALA-AISM XVIII Conference was held in A Coruña, Spain.

The Smalle team attended the 18th IALA conference held from 25 to 31 May 2014 in La Coruña, Spain. The IALA is a worldwide organization founded in 1957 whose main objective is to assist maritime navigators with Navigation Aids around the World to assist in the safety of navigation and protect the environment.

This conference, held every 4 years, brings together experts from around the world who share the accumulated knowledge for the benefit of all members. All the industrial leaders of IALA met, showing their products and services of Navigation aids of the last generation.

Navigation aids are lighthouses, buoys and beacons that help navigators on their journey. Most of these markers are in the sea and are subject to severe conditions inherent to the marine environment such as corrosion and storms. These devices consume electrical energy to power integrated lights, radars and GPS.

The technology developed by Smalle Technologies is designed to give autonomy to buoys and beacons being independent of maritime and climatological conditions. The device – called eForcis in reference to a Greek marine god – is protected from corrosion and water thanks to IP67 protection of the box. Thanks to the principle of operation it is not dependent on the hours of sun nor a certain speed of the wind what makes it very robust and ideal as a power supplier for the devices of Navigation aids.

The next IALA conference will be held in South Korea in 2018.