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It transforms the mechanical energy contained in the sea waves into electricity using electromagnetic principles. It starts producing electricity at low angles. Its immediate applications are for Data buoys and fish farms.

The power of the oceans in a scalable way


Independent of the weather conditions. No need for sun or wind, it just needs sea wave motion.
Produces energy even when the sea is calm. It starts producing energy with low angles.
Has been thoroughly tested. Has been tested under real life conditions for extended periods of time.


eDesigned for harsh sea conditions. It withstands adverse weather, storms and innertias.
Works under any sea conditions. Regardless the geographical situation.

Easy integration

Fits all. Designed considering the specifications of a broad range of manufacturers and users.
Installation. It can be mounted on new buoys and embedded into already existing ones.

Minimum maintenance

No need to touch the water. It goes mounted on the buoy.
Requires minimum maintenance. It has been engineered to require as minimum maintenance as possible.
Long life time. It is constructed with long-lasting materials.

Waterproof & safety

Waterproof housing. The device is enclosed in a IP67 rated box.
No corrosion. No need to be in direct contact with the water.
Safety. It becomes part of the structure making it anti-theft.

Environmentally friendly

Zero Emissions. It transforms energy from the waves into electricity.
Cradle-to-cradle design. Most of the materials can be reutilized after its lifetime is over.