Smalle awarded in the competition ‘Concurs FemIndústria’

2019-11-15T13:18:01+00:00 November 15th, 2019|

Smalle Technologies was one of the companies awarded in the 10th edition of the competition ‘Concurs FemIndústria’, whose award ceremony was held on the premises of the professional association Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya (EIC) in Barcelona, on October 31st,. This 2019 edition of the competition was organized by Enginova (section of the EIC), La Salle Technova Barcelona, Leitat Technological Center, Associació Catalana d’Enginyers de Telecomunicació and the Fundació TecnoCampus.

Smalle Tech was awarded for the projects developed in the fields of the real-time remote monitoring and the automation of marine and in-land fish farms, respectively. These IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, that are currently operating in Aquaculture facilities, attracted the attention of the jury from more than thirty projects presented in this edition of the competition.