Falko Döring: My 5-month internship with Smalle Technologies

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“Surfing includes the oscillating energy of waves and I started to take lectures in Lisbon about renewable maritime energy. Especially about wave energy in order to learn more about this fascinating topic.”

This is one paragraph from my speculative application for my master thesis. It opened me the door to 5 exciting months in Smalle Technologies.

I am, now, an alumnus of the KIC Innoenergy master school ENTECH. Studying first in Lisbon and the second year in Grenoble prepared me well for my last stop as a student in Barcelona.

Smalle Technologies provided me the opportunity to gain experience in a technology based start up. I took it with all the challenges, unexpected turns and hard work.

In the first weeks it started directly with a great challenge: Bureaucracy in Spain! Obtaining the national registration number for social insurance is a demanding challenge if you speak spanish. You can´t imagine how it is without knowing any spanish. The team of Smalle Technologies helped me massively in this process, great thanks to Julio!

In general, the support from the team was great. I asked them to not speak english to me, so I can develop my spanish level. I didn´t need to ask them for patience because they are very courteous. They helped me with new words, made me to use and remember these words. Thanks to them, I reached a decent spanish level.

And they taught me more than speaking spanish. Carlos helped me to learn Solidworks, Rubén supported me in the design and realization of a prototype and Javier showed me the deeper world of generators. Thanks to the high quality feedback from Miguel on my ideas I rethought all my steps and improved them. All of them, experts in their area, shared their knowledge with me during my stay. I am truly grateful.

Unexpected turns always arise in a startup. It is important how the team reacts and shifts after such a turn occurs. My master thesis had reached a low point where I was lost and very frustrated. I took my time and reminded myself that no hole is deep enough to keep you from breathing. So I took a deep breath and looked at what I actually have. I came up with an idea, which has a potential high impact on the efficiency of the eForcis. I suggested it to Héctor and asked him to change my master thesis in this new direction. He listened carefully to my proposal and supported me from the very beginning. He knows the spirit of an entrepreneur.

The following months were very fast and exciting. I could achieve a proof of concept of my idea and had a great success moment when the potential high impact revealed to be true.

To conclude from my internship, I couldn´t have chosen a better place to experience work life with all the gifts.

I want to thank everybody for my great time in the team and hope to stay in touch. (Update: My work here continues after the internship!)

Exceptional thanks to my supervisor Julio who always took care about my needs and wishes.